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Finally finished my cousin’s Snow White dress. I’m pretty proud of it. Officially giving it to her tomorrow, her birthday :)

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Surprisingly good day

Today started out as any other but turned out to be quite great. Generally when I’m working on a creative project I dream about how to make it work. Sounds quite cheesy I know but it’s true. So all I had left to do on my cousin’s Snow White outfit were the sleeves and I knew these would be the biggest challenge. Last night I had a dream about how exactly I was going to pull off this challenge and then at around 11am I started sewing. The red decor on Snow White’s sleeves needed to be attached in a way that no unsightly straight stitching showed so I used a zig-zag stitch that was very tight and stitched the edges of the teardrop onto the light blue sleeves. Then I did the elasticated arm which required 4 hands to stretch while sewing but I managed to pull it off with 2 hands and a ton of pins.

I’ll post pictures of the sleeve in detail in case my description is somewhat confusing. :)

Then an amazing thing happened. My dad took me to the doctor’s and afterwards said he wanted to go buy some trousers so while he looked for some I tried on shoes. I found a great pair of black strappy wedges and thought I’d take a chance and go ask my dad to buy them for me. When he heard the price he looked as if he’d say no so I said I would pay for half. The thing about my father is he doesn’t part with money easily and even asking for money to buy lunch is daunting but he agreed and I now own a new pair of shoes :)

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Ongoing projects

I currently have a few projects going on right now. I plan on finishing a few of them this week. I’ll post pictures of each project as I finish them. My cousin came over to try on her snow white dress. The hem needs adjusting and the sleeves need to be done and then it’s finished. I also need to finish my USA flag shorts by ironing on the back but the paint is still a bit gloopey. Finally, my Little Mermaid shoes need to be finished off. I can’t seem to get the faces right though :l